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BVSD Excused Absence Form

This article shows parents/guardians how to use the BVSD Excused Absence Form within Campus Parent to report an absence for their child.

NOTE: The BVSD Excused Absence form is currently being piloted at Broomfield High School. Parents will be able to report absences for only current Broomfield High School students, and can continue to use online forms available on school websites for children attending other schools.


The BVSD Excused Absence Form (the form) allows parents and guardians to securely report a student’s absence from school for a single day. Users submitting an absence report will receive a confirmation email at the contact email address listed in Infinite Campus. The form can be toggled between English and Spanish. Confirmation emails will be sent in English or Spanish depending on the preferred language of the user listed in Infinite Campus.

Students are not able to self-report absences from Campus Student.

How to use the BVSD Excused Absence Form

  1. Log in to the Campus Parent website from any internet-connected computer, tablet, or mobile device with your Infinite Campus username and password.

NOTE: The BVSD Excused Absence Form does not currently work in the Campus Parent mobile app. BVSD and Infinite Campus are currently working to enable this functionality.

  1. In left-hand menu, click More (If menu not visible, click Hamburger icon )

  2.  In “Quick Links” section, click “Report Absence”

  3. Complete fields and click “Submit”

  4. To report absence for second child, click the intended individual’s tab. The active student tab is blue.

To Switch Form Between Spanish and English

  1. Once logged into the form, use the select list in the upper right corner of the screen to select desired language.

Having Troubles?

If you run into troubles using the form, don’t know your Infinite Campus log in information, or need a password reset, please contact the Broomfield High School office. They will be able to make sure you get the help you need.