Global (top) and Current (left) Navigation

In SharePoint, the navigation links across the top of a website are referred to as the Top Link Bar or  Global Navigation.  While you cannot change these fixed links on a BVSD site, you may add links to the drop-down menus.  If your website includes a navigation menu on the left side of your pages, in most cases the same links will also appear there.  


Modification to Navigation

All pages are automatically added to the Current Navigation (drop-down).  What items are listed in the drop-down menu can be modified (add, delete, hide) with the instructions below.  Additional links and headers can be manually added.

  1. Navigate to the sub-site (tab across the top) where you want the link to drop-down. 
  2. Click GEAR and select "Site Settings". 
  3. Under the "Look & Feel" section, select "Navigation" (see below)
  4. Scroll down to Structural Navigation: Editing and Sorting > Box at right

Add a link/header in a drop-down menu:
Headers are different from links as they can be used in grouping pages/links.

  1. Click "Add Link..." (or "Add Heading...") in toolbar. 
  2. Enter title>Browse to SharePoint page/document/list OR Copy/Paste URL from external site
  3. Check "Open link in new window" for external links
  4. Add description
  5. Click OK
Delete or modify a link:
  1. Select (highlight) the link
  2. Click Edit/Delete in the toolbar
  3. Click OK
Hide/Unhide Pages  (Note: Template pages that you do not want to display should be hidden, NOT deleted.)
  1. Highlight/click on the page you want to hide/unhide
  2. Select Hide or Unhide in toolbar
  3. Click OK
Reorder links/pages:
If a page/link gets moved such that it is indent under a Heading, it will not show up in the navigation but instead be nested below that Heading.
  1. Select the link
  2. Click Move Up/Move Down in the toolbar as many times as needed.
  3. Click SAVE