Unable to Edit a Page -- Check Out Conflict

For the most part, only one person (the webmaster) will be making changes to the website. a page or file at time.  However, conflicts do arise where a page might be getting edited by multiple people.  Also if someone edited a page in the past but didn't check it back in, it will still be "checked out" to them and will be "locked."  This is indicated when nothing happens when you click on GEAR>Edit page to try to edit the page (or if a strange message appears, see below). 

If the above page appears, this page is currently checked out to someone else and they may be in the process or modifying it.  Often it is because they forgot to check it back in.  To check to see if this is the case & who the page is currently checked out to, click the GEAR>Show Ribbon. 

If someone has the file checked out, there will be a yellow banner under the ribbon noting this.  Until they check it back in, you will not be able to edit it.