​Basic Information

  • Each site or sub-site includes a Document Library and an Images Library.  You may add more libraries if needed.
  • All documents that will be accessed on your site must be uploaded to a document library.   
  • All images displayed on your site must be uploaded to an Images (or Picture) library.

NOTE: A document or image can be linked by selecting and opening the file (or image).  The url of that file/image can be copied and linked to within the page.


Viewing Document/Image Library

You can create custom views of the different document or image libraries lists to display items in a way that makes sense to you.  Additional information can be found on the "Working with List" page. (under "List View" section)


Navigate to your library & select it.

On school sites, links to many lists are included on the Webmaster Dashboard. (Staff Only>Webmaster Dashboard)  For more information about the school sites, please visit the School Website Instructions website.
If you don't find the library there, navigate to your sub-site, click the GEAR>Site Contents.  Select your library by clicking on it.

Upload a document or image

There are two ways to upload a document or image to the website. 

  • Option 1: Drag a single file or multiple files into the library
  • Option 2: Click on Ribbon>Files Tab>Upload Document

Delete a document or image from a library. 

There are multiple options for deleting a file from the library depending on the view of your library.

Option 1:
  1. Select the document by checking the box to the left of the title. NOTE:  For images, click directly on the image to select it
  2. On the ribbon, click the Files Tab>Click Delete 

Option 2:
  1. Click the 3 dots
  2. Click the next 3 dots
  3. Click Delete