SharePoint Lists

  • Additional information about lists can be found on the Microsoft website.  LEARN MORE
  • You can create custom views of a document library to display items in a way that makes sense to you. 


BVSD Custom Lists

For more information on the BVSD Custom Lists below, please see the School Website Instruction's Attendance & Contact Forms Website.  The school websites have additional lists which are accessed via the Webmaster Dashboard.

  • Contact form and list - Allows site visitors to contact school via email
  • Report Absence form and list (Schools only) - Allows site visitors to notify school of a student absence

Working with Lists

On school sites, links to many lists are included on the Webmaster Dashboard.  
If you don't find the list there, navigate to your sub-site, click the GEAR>Site Contents>Select your LIST


Modifying a List

To Add an item to a list:
NOTE:  Some lists include a SHOW column:  Yes/No.  This allows you to keep the item on the list but choose whether or not it will be displayed.
  1. Click + new item
  2. Enter the information in each field
  3. Click Save
To Edit an item on a list:
  1. Hover over the item you want to edit, check the box at left and select Edit Item on the Ribbon; ; OR click the 3 dots (...) and select Edit
  2. Make your changes
  3. Click Save
To Delete an item on a list: 
  1. Open the applicable Column by clicking on the + sign
  2. Hover over the item you want to edit, click the checkbox; then on the Ribbon select Delete Item OR click on the 3 dots (...) and select Delete Item
  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion.


Ready-to-use lists and templates

SharePoint includes a number of lists that provide a good starting point for organizing list items. 
Here are some examples:

Links list - useful for Google docs

  1. Add an app>Links
  2. Copy/paste link
  3. Linking to Google doc  (Get shareable link - be sure to check settings>Public or Only BVSD.
  4. Add to page>Add a webpart
  5. Creating views

Promoted Links List - creates a grid with image links

  1. Editing tip: Change default “Tiles” view to “All Promoted Links” to add/edit/delete items.

List Views

You can create views of libraries and lists to display specific information on your page.  You can create custom views of a document library to display items in a way that makes sense to you.  See instructions below or visit the Microsoft SharePoint website for additional information. LEARN MORE
  1. Navigation to the site where your list or library resides.  Click the GEAR>Site Contents>Click on the  list or library for which you want to create a view. 
  2. Click the List or Library Tab>Create View>Standard View (other options area available).
  3. In the View Name field, type the name for your view.  We recommend you do not make it the default view.
  4. Leave the default Create a Public View
  5. In the Columns section, select the columns you want to appear in your view.
  6. You may also choose to Sort, Filter or Group items.
  7. Choose a Style and an Item Limit
  8. When finished, click OK.