The homepage of a school website consists of zones, blocks, and web parts.  These are listed below.  View the Page Layouts page for how the web parts are configured in the different zones.  If a web part is not being used, please "Close" it instead of deleting it so that it can be available for further use.  See below for where the different parts are located on the template.  

THE HOMEPAGE SHOULD NEVER BE EDITED DIRECTLY!  Information for these parts on the homepage are pulled (or queried) in from other lists, libraries, or from the Content Hub's School Profile.   To modify information on the homepage, you will need to update the appropriate list or library.  Links to these lists & libraries can be found on the Webmaster Dashboard.  Please view the Start-Up Information page for details.

Homepage Sections

  • General School Information: Principal/Asst. Principal, address, phone, school hours, etc.  (More details...)
    • View the School Profile page to make these changes or to make changes to the school logo or slogan on the homepage.
  • Homepage Slider: Image/text at the top of the page which rotates/slides through a group of "sliders". (for Elem & MS/K8 templates)
  • Homepage Announcements: List of important school news/announcements.  For High school, there are three announcement sections: School News, Athletics, and District News.
  • Homepage Quicklinks/Tiles: List of commonly used links (Named "Quicklinks" for Elem & MS/K8 templates; Named "Tiles" for HS template)
  • BVSD Resources: List of important BVSD links (more details)
  • BVSD News: Listing of BVSD news feed (for MS/K8 & HS templates)
  • Calendar: School & District Calendar is displayed (for Elem. & MS/K8 templates)
  • Payment Links: Three buttons for links to meal account, student fees, and fundraising link. (more details)
    • The "Student Fees" link takes you to your school's RevTrak store.  The URL is entered on your School Profile page.  If your school does not use RevTrak, enter the URL for your Fees and Payments page.
  • Student Login: login links to SSO portal & Infinite Campus (IC)
  • Social Channels: links to school's social media accounts for facebook/twitter. (for MS/K8 & HS templates)
  • Footers: links at the bottom of the homepage for Elem & MS/K8 templates)

Homepage Example: High School Template

The High school template has the homepage structured such that the user needs to scroll to see it all.  The sections that it has are listed below.  With the exception of the "Upcoming Events" or "Links w/ Background Color", all content on the homepage is queried from a list or library.  There is a Main Top Zone and a Main Bottom Zone where web parts can be added into.

  • Upcoming Events or "Links w/ Background Color" Content web part: Banner at the very top of the homepage typically with buttons going to school calendar or important information.
  • Hero Image Block:  This is the large full-screen single image block at the top of the website with Title and optional Subtitle pus a Header Button/Link & Description to define the button in the center of the image.
  • Content / Log in / Payments
    • Contact Block: Contains school address, phone numbers, principal info, and school hours.  This is defined in the School Profile page.
    • Log-in Block: Contains link to BVSD SSO Portal, IC Parent Portal, and Naviance.  These links are setup by IT.
  • Calendar: Not currently in place...takes too long to load.
  • Big Tile Block:  2x2 box of images with quicklinks for important information.
  • Announcements Block: Contains three sections of different announcements: School Announcements, Athletic Annoucements, & BVSD News.  This block cannot be moved.
  • Big Image Left: Square image at left and text at right.
  • Carousel: Set of rotating images
  • Footer Links:  Links along the bottom of the homepage


Homepage Example:  Elementary School Template - Skin A

Homepage Example: Elementary School Template - Skin B


Homepage Example: Middle School Template