‚ÄčAll of the templates have a "Fees & Payments" page under the "Parents" subsite and can be accessed by going to xxx.bvsd.org/parents/Pages/payments.aspx, where "xxx" is the school code as indicated here.


Fundraising Initiatives Page

‚ÄčAll of the templates have a "Fundraising Initiatives" page under the "Parents" subsite.  This is accessed by clicking on the "Fundraising Initiatives" button on the homepage (as shown below) or by going to xxx.bvsd.org/parents/Pages/Fundraising.aspx, where "xxx" is the school code as indicated here.


Payment Buttons on Homepage

Each school website has three buttons on their homepage as shown below.

  • BVSD Meal Account -- This goes to https://www.bvsd.org/mealspayment for setting up the lunch account on MyPaymentPlus
  • Student Fees / Donations -- This goes to the RevTrak page for the school (see info below)
  • Fundraising Initiatives -- This goes to the Fundraising Initiatives Page on the school website 

Elementary Template
Payment buttons are located on right (Skin B template) or left (Skin A template) column of the homepage.

MS/K8 Template
Payment buttons are located in middle of homepage, just under the slider.

High School Template
Payment buttons show up as a drop down menu when "Payments" is selected along the top of the homepage.


Student Fees & Athletic Registration - RevTrak Website

Each school has a custom RevTrak website, with a .revtrak.net web address, that is separate from the SharePoint template.  Office staff must work directly with RevTrak to set this up for accepting payments for student fees, athletic registration, field trips, etc as shown below.

These websites are built and managed by RegWerks/RevTrak.  For issues with these sites, please contact RevTrak at EZHelp@revtrak.com or 888.847.9885

Example of Elementary School RevTrak Website (not SharePoint) - For Douglass Elementary: https://douglasselementary.revtrak.net


Example of Middle School RevTrak Website (not SharePoint) - For Platt MS: https://nevinplatt.revtrak.net/


Example of High School RevTrak Website (not SharePoint) - For Boulder High: https://boulderhighschool.revtrak.net/