Each school website has a subsite for Activities & Clubs.  In the Elementary template, "Activities & Clubs" are listed along the top primary navigation.  In MS/K8 and HS templates, this "Activities & Clubs" subsite is found under the "Athletics & Activities." 

Elemantary School Template:

MS/K8 Template:

High School Template:

Activities & Clubs - Top Level Page

When the "Activities & Clubs" is selected from the menu, the top level page will be displayed.  See below examples of the Elementary, MS/K8 and HS templates.  This top level page contains a summary of the different activities/clubs available at the school and is typically not edited.  The Titles and Descriptions "Summaries" on this page are queried from the Title and Overview sections of each of the individual activity/club pages.   Most schools don't have anything extra on this top level page but optional page content or web parts can be added if need be.  As a new activity/club is added at the school, a new page should also be added to this subsite and the summary will be added to this top level page.  The instructions for this are shown below (scroll to the bottom of this page)

Elementary School Template
The top level Activities & Clubs page lists the contact information and meeting times as well as a summary of the club.

MS/K8 Template:
Only the name and summary (overview) are listed on the MS/K8 top level Activities & Clubs page.

High School Template:
The High School Activities & Clubs page lists all the clubs with an icon and an optional summary/overview.

Individual Activity/Club Page Examples

Each Activity or Club has it's own page.  This page gives all the details about the club including the meeting times, contact information and how to get involved. See below for examples of the different website templates.  

Elementary School Template: Club Example

 MS/K8 Template: Club Example

High School Template: Club Example with listing icon.

Instructions: Adding Activity/Club Page

When a new activity/club is added to the school, a new page will need to be created on the "Activities & Clubs" subsite.  Instructions are listed below.  This is done by first navigating to the "Activities & Clubs" top level page.  When a new page is added, the page layout is automatically set to be the "Activities" layout.  Other page layouts can be selected if desired.  See the Page Layout Information for more details on the layout/template.   The "Activities" page layout has a place for a title, overview description, image, grade-level, contact information and additional information.  When this is all setup in the different fields, it will then be displayed in a uniform way as shown in the examples above.

STEP 1: Upload photo to be used on the school's activity/club page

Ideally each activity or club will have a picture on their page.  This image must be first uploaded to the Images library under the "Activities & Clubs" subsite.   Note that the images will be on the activity/club page for the Elem/MS/K8 sites, but for the HS template, this image is only used for the picture icon displayed on the top-level "Activities & Clubs" page.

  1. Go to the top level site by clicking on "Activities & Clubs".
  2. Click on GEAR>Site Contect and Select "Images" Library
  3. Upload image to this library.  Instructions can be found on the Working with Images page

STEP 2: Create a page for each of the school's activity or club. 

  1. Navigate to the Activities & Clubs page (click on "Activities & Clubs" menu, see the top of this page)
  2. Click on GEAR>Add a page
  3. Name the page using one word, no spaces.  If need be, a dash "-" can be added.
  4. Click CREATE.  A new page will be created with "Activities" page layout as the default layout for Elem/MS/K8 template.  For HS template, the "Activities & Clubs" page layout is used.
  5. Fill in the information below in the appropriate fields on the page.  See examples below.  Once the information is added, PUBLISH the page.
    • Title: This is the name of the club.
    • Rollup Image:  Click to insert an image.  Be sure to upload the photo first (see "STEP 1" above).  You will need to navigate to the "Activities & Clubs" subsite's Image library to find the image to select.
    • Overview:  Enter a brief description (one sentence).  This text will appear on the Activities & Clubs page, not on the individual club page
    • Grade Level (for MS/K8 template):  Click on the tag icon to the right and select the grade(s) that may participate
    • Contact Person (or ContactName_Info for Elem template):  Enter the contact information
    • Additional information (or Meeting_Time_Date_Location for Elem template): Enter info such as start and end dates, registration deadlines and meeting information.  Also another staff contact/sponsor can be added here.
    • Page Content: This section of the web page can be used for adding even more information about the club or activitiy.

Editing Examples for the Different Templates

Elementary School Template - Club/Activity Page Editing Example

MS/K8 Template - Club/Activity Page Editing Example

High School Template - Club/Activity Page Editing Example