All the templates use Google calendars to inform the public of their school activities and events.  These calendars are displayed on the "About Us"/"Calendar" page on all the templates.  The Elementary and MS/K8 templates also display the calendar on their homepage.  See examples below.  To add another calendar or change how the calendar is displayed, please submit an IT Service Request.

Note: The BVSD District calendar information that is displayed on the Homepage Calendar is quiered from the BVSD Calendar Website.


Google Calendars

Google calendars are created using the school's webpub account:, where xxx is the school's 3-digit code.  Submit an IT service request to obtain the username and password for these accounts.

For MS/K8, and HS templates, there are multiple calendars.  The calendars should be named following the naming conventions listed below.  Most schools only use the main school calendar.  The HS Athletics calendar is typically just a link to the Front Range League (CHSSA) Calendar.

Naming Convention (where xxx is the school's 3-digit code)

  • XXX School - This is the main school calendar (Example: "BOH School" for Boulder HS main school calendar)
  • XXX Athletics - This is the athletics school calendar (Example: "BOH Athletics")
  • XXX Activities - This is the calendar for school activities (Example: "BOH Activities")


Modifying Events on School Calendar

All changes to school events and activities are made directly to the school's google calendar (webpub), NOT the school website.  Once the calendars are setup, no calendar modifications are made directly to the SharePoint site.  Submit an IT service request to gain access to the webpub calendar.


About Us Calendars

All the school sites have calendars under the "About Us" site and can be found by going to  This page displays the school's main google calendar in a month view.  To change the calendar or the view (to agenda view), please submit an IT Service Request. 

Changes to this calendar page is typically done by IT.  The google calendar's embedded HTML code needs to be created and saved as a text file called "school-cal.txt."  This file is uploaded to the Documents library under the About subsite.  A Content Editor Web Part is added to this calendar page and the HTML text file is linked.  For HS and Exemplar Templates, this file is created differently and uploaded to the Site Collection Documents library.  Instead of a Content Editor, the HS/Exemplar Template embeds the HTML code by insert a Script Editor.  Details on how to do this can be found on the Editing Pages Instructions Page


Homepage Calendars

Examples of the homepage calendars for Elementary, Middle School, and K8 schools are shown below.  High School and Exemplar school do not display a calendar on the homepage as it often takes too long to load.  To change how many calendar tabs are shown and which calendars are displayed in the template, please submit an IT Service Request.

These calendars are created from the embedded HTML code of the Google calendar (see below details) which is stored as a text file in the Site Collection Documents Library.  For the main school calendar, this text file is named "School Calendar.txt"  The homepage calendar is automatically loaded into the template and there is no need to add/link it in a Content Editor Web Part as done on the About Us Calendar above.

Elementary Homepage Calendar
Displays School Calendar and BVSD District Calendar.

K8 Homepage Calendar
Displays School and Athletics calendars and BVSD District Calendar.

Middle School Homepage Calendar Options
Several configurations are available.  Submit IT Service Request to change it.


Calendar Permissions - Google

All google calendars should be shared with the public.  This is done by selecting the "Settings and sharing" option on the calendar (click three verticle dots to the right of the calendar name).  To make the calendar viewable public, scroll down to "Access permissions" and select "Make available to public" option.



Embedded HTML Code -  Google Calendar

Once a google calendar is created and customized, the HTML code is needed in order to display it on the website.  This code, starting with "<iframe...", will need to be included in the IT Service Request.

Note: If the calendar does not display, be sure to check that it is shared with the public.  See Calendar Permissions instructions above.

Prepare the HTML code for Google calendar:

  1. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the Google calendar you want to embed and select "Settings and sharing".
  2. Under Calendar Settings, scroll down to "Integrate calendar" section and click on the "Customize" button
  3. Configure how the Calendar is displayed
    • Leave Calendar Title blank
    • Under "Show", un-check the Title, Navigation buttons, Tabs, and Time zone
    • Set "Default View" to be agenda
    • Adjust the height to be 300 pixels
    • (Optional) Change the background color
  4. The new customized calendar will be displayed in the middle of this page with the associated HTML code listed at the top.
  5. Copy the HTML to Notepad. Click File> Save As 
    Save to your Desktop as a Text Document (.txt). Name the file: "School Calendar.txt" (or "Activities Calendar.txt" or "Athletics Calendar.txt", as appropriate)
  6. Upload the .txt document to the Site Collections Document library to display on the homepage. The text file will replace the existing one as long as it has the identical name. 

If help is needed with steps #5 & #6, please submit an IT Service Request.  Be sure to copy the HTML and include it in the IT service request along with the URL for the page where the calendar should be inserted.