BVSD School Websites

All BVSD School's homepage are listed on the BVSD Homepage by clicking on "Schools".  With the exception of a few schools (listed below*), school websites using a template can be accessed by typing in:, where "xxx" is the 3-digit school code.  The last digit of the code is always an "e" (for Elementary), a "m" (for Middle School), a "h" (for High School) or an "8" (for K8 Schools).  The first two digits are either the first two letters of the school's name or the first letter of both words if a school name is two words.  

*NOTE: There are several BVSD schools use a different website platform.  These schools include Fairview HSColumbine Elementary, Horizon K-8, Kohl Elementary, Peak to Peak K12BVSD Online, Justice HS, Boulder TEC, and Boulder Prep.

Examples of School Names (using the template): 

Types of Website Templates
Almost all BVSD schools use one of the SharePoint website templates listed below.  The schools using the templates include 27 Elementary schools, 10 Middle Schools, 8 High Schools, 3 PK/K-8 schools, 2 Exemplar schools (ML8, ECE), and a speciality school (BOU). 

  • Elementary Template
  • Middle School/K8 Template
  • High School Template
  • Exemplar Schools Template (these sites are "special")**


Instructions for Editing a BVSD School Website

This website is setup to provide generalized instructions for editing all the different school templates listed above.  The template differences will be highlighted within the instructions. The school webmaster is repsonsible for updating the pages, lists, and libraries within the school website as well as the School Profile page.   The webmaster cannot edit the Centralized District Content however if an error is shown in this content, please submit an IT Service Request. 

In order to update different parts of the school website, please select the item of interest in the left column navigation menu to get details on how to modify it.  If you have additional questions/issues, please contact IT at x4357.


School Webmasters:
Before being able to edit school website, the webmaster will need to have access to the website.  Please submit an IT Service Request to have the school webmaster be added to the website owner list AND to have access to the school profile page so that edits can be made. 

Reminders for School Websites Templates:   
Do not delete web parts, lists, libraries, pages or sites that are part of the template!    The school sites contain queries that publish specific content from the Content Hub.  You may delete, add, replace documents in a library.  For details on closing webparts, see the Start-Up Information Page.

Unpublish pages, don't delete!  Template pages you will not use should be Unpublished. To do so, follow the instructions on the Unpublishing/Removing page.  NOTE:  You will still see the page in the navigation when signed in but this is not viewable to the public.

Note that the Exemplar School Template, used for Meadow Lark ( and Early Childhood Education ( sites, looks quite a bit different but has similar structure.  Many things are hardcoded for the Exemplar sites where an IT Service Request will need to be submitted to make changes.  It may be still beneficial to view Basic Instructions for SharePoint when editing these two sites. 


Editing a BVSD School Website 

Editing a school website is not as straight forward as just editing a page because of how the template is setup.  The BVSD school website templates are set up to pull information (query info) from a central repository called the Content Hub.  Each template has many different Page Layouts which designate where the content is placed on the webpage. The Centralized District Content (only editable by the District) as well as the School Profile Content (edited by the webmaster) is stored on the Content Hub ( and is used to publish information to the school website. Below is a list of pages that should not be edited directly as most of the information is queried from other sources like the Centralized District Content and the School Profile Page as well as lists and forms within the school website. 

If you are unable to edit a page, please view the Issues Editing Page site or check that the content you are editing is part of the template that is being queried from the Content Hub (see below pages).  You may also find it beneficial to view Basic Instructions for SharePoint for editing the website.

Pages where content is queried from School Website (list/forms) or School Profile Pages

  • Homepage (info from School Profile Page)
  • About Us (info from School Profile Page)
  • Principal's Message (info from School Profile Page)
  • Staff Directory (info from Staff Profile Pages)
  • Announcements (info from Announcement list)
  • Report Absence (contains absence form)
  • Contact Us (contains contact form)

Pages where content is queried from Centralized District Content

  • About BVSD (for Elem. & HS template only)
       or BVSD News (for MS/K8 template only)
  • BVSD Resources
  • Athletics (for MS/K8 template only)
       or Student Athlete Information (for HS template only)
  • Course Catalog (for MS/K8 and HS templates only)
  • Enrollment and Registration (for MS/K8 and HS templates only)
       or Enrollment (for Elem. template only)
  • Fees & Payments
  • Health Resources for Parents & Students (for Elem. & HS templates only)
       or Health Room (for MS/K8 template only)
  • Lunch Menus
  • Safety and Security
  • Talented & Gifted (for Elem. template only)
  • Volunteer Information