The Quick Links for the Elementary School Website has an optional image that can be added.  Before creating the Quick Link, you will want to first upload the image to SharePoint.  More information on images can be found....

Adding Image for Homepage Quick Link

Each Homepage Quick Link for Elemantary School has an optional image associated with this.  This image must be uploaded to the Site Collections Images Library first.  Once it is uploaded to the image library, it can be added to the qucklink.  The image will need to be published in order to be visible on the website.

STEP 1:  Resize your photos and upload 

STEP 2:  Upload the images to the Site Collection Images Library.

  • Go to the Webmaster Dashboard and click on "Site Collections Images Library"
  • Upload photo to this library & publish it.  Instructions can be found on the Working with Images page


Adding/Editing Homepage Quick Links to Elementary School Websites

  1. Sign-in to access the Staff Webmaster Dashboard.  Select this in the Footer area in the lower left corner.
  2. Navigate to the Dashboard Quick Links list.  Select the "HomePage Quick Link".
  3. To add a new Quick Link, click "+ new item". 
    To edit an existing Quick Link, click the "..." to the right of the Quick Link title and select "Edit Item"
  4. Enter the information in the fields listed below.  Click on SAVE when completed.
    • Title - This is the name of the Quick Link
    • Description - This is a brief description of what the Quick Link is and does.
    • Link - This is the URL address associated with this Quick Link.
    • Rollup Image (optional) - This is an image associated with the Quick Link. Click to insert your image; browse to the Site Collections Images library>click on image>Insert>Click OK  (NOTE:  You must upload your image first.)‚Äč
    • BVSD Sort Order - This is a value between A-Z that gives the ordering of the Quick Links.  If listed as "A", the Quick Link will be first in the display.
    • Show - This is set to "yes" if you want the Quick Link to be displayed on the homepage.  If it is set to "no", it won't be displayed.


Deleting/Removing a Homepage Quick Link

If you no longer want to have a Quick Link displayed on the homepage, it can be removed in two ways:

  • Remove Quick Link by Deleting it
    • Delete an existing Quick Link by clicking the "..." to the right of the Quick Link title and select "Delete Item"
    • Click OK to confirm deletion & Click Save.
  • Remove Quick Link by Not Showing/Displaying it
    • Edit an existing Quick Link by clicking the "..." to the right of the Quick Link title and select "Edit Item"
    • Set the "Show" to be "no"
    • Click on "SAVE" to update.