All Exemplar School Announcements (current and expired) remain on the Global Announcements list.  This provides an historical record and also allows you to reuse an announcement by changing the Expired date.  However, only announcements that are not expired will appear on the homepage of your website.  A maximum of 5 announcements may appear on the Homepage.   All non-expired announcements also appear on the Announcements page under About Us. ​You must assign an expiration date for each homepage announcement.

Adding/Editing Announcements for Exemplar School Websites

*Note 1:  When copying content from another source (a document, email, etc.), you must clear formatting first so that the announcement can be displayed properly.  To do so, Highlight text>Format Text Tab> Click Clear Format>Click Convert to XHTML

*Note 2: A a newly added announcement will not show up for about 30 minutes on the homepage because it has to upload.  Don't worry, this is normal.  Be patient.  Also any update or changes to an existing announcement will also be delayed in seeing the result on the homepage.

  1. Sign-in to access the "Staff Only" area of the website.  Select this in the Footer area at the bottom of the website.

  2. On the "Staff Only" page, select the Webmaster Dashboard
  3. Navigate to the Homepage Announcements list.  Go to Webmaster Dashboard and click on Homepage Announcements in the Dashboard Quicklinks
  4. The list of Homepage Announcements will Open.
  5. To add a new announcement, click "+ new announcement".  To edit an existing announcement, click the "..." to the right of the announcement title and select Edit
  6. Enter the information in the fields listed below.  Click on Save when completed.
    • Title (Required) - This is the title of the announcement (what people will see from the front page (homepage)
    • Overview:  Enter a brief description that will display below the announcement title.  This is the main text of the announcement.  A portion of this text will show up on the homepage, but mainly, this is what people will see when they click on the announcement.
    • Body (Optional):  Text entered here will not be displayed on the homepage but will be displayed the announcement is selected (by clicking on the announcement title). 
    • Expires (Required):  Enter the expiration date. Announcements are displayed in "expiration date" order, i.e., those expiring first appear at the top.  The day after this date, the announcement will no longer be displayed on the homepage.
      • NOTE 1:  All announcements, whether marked IMPORTANT or not,  must have an expiration date.
      • NOTE 2:  Announcements marked "Important" display at the top of the list regardless of expiration date.
    • Important (Optional):  Select YES to display announcement at the top of the list regardless of expiration date.