‚ÄčAll school websites except the high schools contain a list of links (footers) at the bottom of the page.  This footer list can be customized by the school webmaster per instructions below.  Exemplar Schools may request updates to the "Useful Links" & "Contact Infomration" footer section of the website by submitting an IT service request.

Modifying Footer List (for Elementary & MS/K8)


  1. Sign-in to access the Staff Webmaster Dashboard.  Select this in the Footer area in the lower left corner.
  2. Navigate to the Footer list.  Go to Webmaster Dashboard and click on Footer in the Dashboard Quicklinks
  3. The list of Footers will Open.  Open the applicable column by selecting the arrow to the left of the Column name.
  4. To add a new announcement, click "+ new announcement".  To edit an existing announcement, click the "..." to the right of the announcement title and select Edit Item
  5. Enter the information in the fields listed below.  Click on Save when completed.
    • Title (Required) - This is the title of the footer link
    • Column - This indicates which column the footer is listed under.
    • Show - This determines if the link is shown or not.
    • Link: Type in the web address of the link and then the description.


To edit a Column heading:

  • On the Ribbon>List Tools Tab>List>List Settings
  • Under Columns>click Column and make changes
  • Navigate back to the Footer List>List Tools Tab>List>Datasheet View
  • Update Column assignments