​BVSD Custom Forms/Lists

These forms are used in all the school websites as a way for the public to make contact with the school.  General questions use the Contact Us form.  Parents can use the Report Absence form to communicate with the school that their student is sick and/or won't be attending school on a day.  It is very important that school office staff monitors these lists by setting up an alert (email) to signal any new addition to the list.  The lists can be accessed from the Webmaster Dashboard (see instructions below).  Due to confidentiality, the Absence data is only accessible by approved staff.

  • Contact Us form
  • Report Absence form

Permissions:  In order to receive an alert and access a list, the person must have SharePoint permissions.  Add these individuals to the site Members group.  The setup instructions for alerts are listed below.  If help is needed to setup permissions and email alerts, please submit an IT service request.


Contact Us Form

This form allows site visitors to contact BVSD departments or schools through the website via email.  For schools, the contact form can be setup to contact either the Main Office, Registrar, or Health Room with the default being set as Main Office.

Modifying Contact Us Form

To modify the "To" options in the Contact list (form):

  1. Navigate to the Contact List.  This can be found by going to the Webmaster Dashboard and selecting "Contact List"
  2. On the Ribbon under List Tools, select the List Tab.
  3. Click List Settings
  4. Under Columns, click on To and make your changes. 
  5. Click OK.
  6. Delete the applicable list views.  For example, if you deleted "webmaster" from the TO options, delete the Webmaster View.  

Report Absence Form

This form allows parent/guardians to notify School Attendance that their student will not be attending school. 

Absence/Attendance List

When the Report Absence form is filled out and submitted by a parent, it creates an entry into the Absence list.  This list is accessible from the webmaster dashboard. 

Only approved attendance takers are given permission to view this confidential list and receive email alerts.  Email alerts can be setup to notify staff that a parent has filled out this form indicating a student is missing school.  To get permissions to this list, contact Scott Abbey to approve the request.  He will submit an IT service request for staff access.  IT Service Desk can help setup the email alert.  After the student's absence has been recorded into IC, the item can be deleted from the list.  For additional information, please view the KB131: Attendance Reporting on SharePoint School Websites.



Alerts - Contact Us or Report Absence List

In order for a person to receive an email alert s/he must have at least view permissions for the associated list. 

Set Up a New Alert

  1. Navigate to the Contact or Report Absence List.  This can be done through the Webmaster Dashboard as shown above.
  2. On the Ribbon, under List Tools, select List
  3. On the drop-down under Alert Me, select "Set Alert on the List"
  4. In the Users field, add the email address(es) for persons who should receive an alert (email) when an item is added to the list. Click the checkmark to confirm that you've entered the email address correctly.  Alternatively, you can click on the book icon and search for the person.  If you would like to no longer receive the alerts, delete your email address here.
  5. Delivery Method: The only delivery method is email.
  6. Change Type:  Leave as All Changes.
  7. Send Alerts for These Changes:  Choose Anything Changes unless you want to filter to receive only specific alerts.  For example, if the person should only receive alerts when an item is sent TO: Main Office, select the last option and choose Main Office.
  8. When to Send Alerts:  Choose the frequency for the alerts.
  9. Click OK

Edit/Delete an Existing Alert

  1. Navigate to the Contact or Report Absence List. This can be done through the Webmaster Dashboard as shown above.
  2. On the Ribbon, under List Tools, select List
  3. On the drop-down under Alert Me, select Manage My Alerts
  4. A list of all your alerts will be displayed.  Click on the alert you want to edit and make your changes.
  5. Click OK to save changes


Check/Edit/Delete Alerts (for someone other than yourself)

  1. Navigate to the top level site where the list is located.  These links are on the Global navigation along the top of the page.
    • For Contact List, click on "About Us" page
    • For Absence/Attendance List, click on "Parents" page
  2. Click the GEAR>Site Settings
  3. Site Administration>User Alerts
  4. Display Alerts for:  (choose a person)  (If NONE, there are no alerts set on any list.) and click Update
  5. Alerts for all lists will be displayed for that person.  To delete an alert, check the box to the left and then Delete Selected Alerts