Announcement Locations

School Website Announcements are used to provide students, parents, and staff with the latest information on what's happening at the school  For all the templates, these Homepage/School announcements are displayed in two locations on the website:

  • On the Homepage (front page)
  • On the Announcements page under About Us

In addition to the homepage announcements, the MS/K8 and HS support additional types of announcements which are displayed in different locations on the website.  See below for these details.  However, for the most part, only the Homepage Announcements are used by the schools.

Announcement Additions/Modifications 

Adding/Editing Announcements is similar for all the different templates.  Follow the links below for specific template instructions. Note that a newly added announement will not show up for about 30 minutes on the homepage because it has to upload.  Don't worry, this is normal.  Be patient.  Also any update or changes to an existing announcement will also be delayed in seeing the result on the homepage.


Adding Text to the Announcement

Copy/Paste. When copying content from another source (a document, email, etc.), you must clear formatting first so that the announcement can be displayed properly.  To do so, Highlight text>Format Text Tab> Click Clear Format>Click Convert to XHTML

Announcements Examples Shown on the Different Templates 

Elementary School Website

All Elementary School Announcements (current and expired) remain on the Global Announcements list.  This provides an historical record and also allows you to reuse an announcement by changing the Expired date.  However, only announements that are not expired will appear on the homepage of your website.  A maximum of 5 announcements may appear on the Homepage.   All non-expired announcements also appear on the Announcements page under About Us. ​You must assign an expiration date for each homepage announcement.


Middle School & K8 Website

The MS/K8 template has three types of announcements on three different lists.  These announcements show up in different locations on the website. 

Most schools only used the Homepage Announcements.

  • Homepage Announcements - displayed on Homepage (max of 5 announcements displayed)
  • Athletic Announcements - displayed on Athletics landing page and individual sports page
  • Class Announcements - displayed on the Academic grade/department page.

High School Website

The High School template has four types of announcements.  All announcements are on the same Global Announcement list with the "Filter Location" field indicating the type of announcement and where it is displayed. 

Most schools only use the Homepage Announcements and possibly the Athletics Announcements lists.

  • Homepage (School News) Announcements - displayed on Homepage (under the "School News" list below).
  • Athletic Announcements - displayed on Athletics landing page AND Homepage (under the "Athletics" list in center, see below).  Also displayed on individual sports page.
  • Academic Announcements - displayed on Academics landing page and Department page
  • Activities Announcements - displayed on Activities landing page.