​The different school templates make use of images in many different locations on the school website.  Below lists the school template images and their respective sizes.  It is best to crop/resize images before uploading images to the website.  Most images are fine as .jpg files except for the logo which needs to be a .png format.  You should not have to resize photos if they meet the size specifications

Visit the Working with Images Page for more information on how crop/resize images. 

Uploading Images & Library Location

For the most part, photos should be uploaded to an image or picture libraray that is part of the sub-site where the image will be displayed.  However, there are a few exceptions to this.  The image libraries below contain specific images for the school website templates.  Access to these libraries are available through the Quick Links on the Webmaster Dashboard.  Click on the "details" link for additional information on the images and where they can be found on the websites.

*Note: Be sure to PUBLISH all images in the Site Collection Image Library, Slider Image Library, and Logo Image Library as this is required before they will display.

  • Site Collection Image Library - Location of Internal_Banner (for Elementary Template) and Big Image Left, Hero/Slider, Big Tile (for HS Template) and any other site wide images/logos or images found on the homepage.  (details)
  • HomePage Slider Image Library (details)- Location of slider images (for Elem, MS/K8 Template) & logo
  • Carousel Image Library (details) - Location of carousel images (for HS only)
  • Content Hub Logo Image Library (details) - Location of school logos
  • Staff Directory Image Library (details) - Location of all staff photos (filename: firstname_lastname.jpg or lastname.jpg for MS/K8 templates)
  1. Sign-in to access the Staff Webmaster Dashboard.  Select this in the Footer area in the lower left corner.
  2. Navigate to the Image Library by selecting it from the list of Dashboard Quicklinks. 
  3. Upload Image to the correct image library.  General images can be uploaded to the sub-site's Image folder.  Visit the Working with Images Page for more information on how to upload images.  There are several ways to do this.  The drag-n-drop method is the easiest. 


Publishing Images

Images in the Site Collections and Slider Images libraries must be Published after uploading.  Visit the Working with Images Page for more information on how to publish images. 


Image Sizes

School Profile Pages
All school profile pages contain a square logo that is a .png file format and is no larger than 500 pixels x 500 pixels.  The filename for this logo should contain the school's name and then be uploaded to the School Profile Image Library along with all the other school logos.  Once it is uploaded and published, it should be added to the School Profile page as shown here.

Elementary School Template

Image sizes are listed width x height.  Internal_Banner is the image on top of all the internal pages.  Slider images are the rotating images on the homepage.

  • Logo (Skin A & Skin B): 186 pixels x 85 pixels in .png file format.  This file is found in the Site Collection Image Library (named as "schoollogo.png").  To change to a new logo, create a .png file with the same name & upload it to the school's Site Collection Image Library.
  • Internal_Banner (Skin A & Skin B, image at top of all internal pages): 951 pixels x 160 pixels.  This file is found in the school's Site Collection Image Library (named as "Internal_Banner.jpg").  To change to a new banner, simply create another file with the above dimensions and the same name.  Upload it (& overwrite) to the Site Collection Image Library and don't forget to publish it.
  • Slider Image, wxh (Skin A): 951 pixels x 330 pixels
  • Slider Image, wxh (Skin B): 630 pixels x 330 pixels
  • Staff photos: 150 pixels x 150 pixels.  If the width is 150pixels but the height is larger than 150, photos will be auto-cropped.

MS/K8 School Template

Image sizes are listed width x height.  Background image can be changed by submitting an IT ticket.  Slider images are the rotating images on the homepage.

  • Logo: Any size in .png file format
  • Homepage background image (MS sites only): 1920 pixels x 1196 pixels
  • Main image at top of internal pages (for academic dept, individual sports/clubs): must be at least 600 pixels wide, no minimum height
  • Slider Image: 632 pixels x 435 pixels
  • Staff photos: 260 pixels x 344 pixels (minimum) - filename: lastname.jpg

High School Template

Images sizes are listed width x height. The Hero Image is the large full-screen single image at the top of the homepage. Big Tile images are the 4 image tiles used as quicklinks on the homepage.

  • Logo (​if you want a new one):  127 pixels x 151 pixels
  • Hero Image (Large image that spans the full width of the page): At least 1920px x 566px. Area is 1900 x 560 but image must be slightly bigger.
  • Big Image Left (Square image with text at right) : 695 pixels x 695 pixels
  • Big Tile Images (4 image tiles - 2x2) :​​ 719 pixels  x 559 pixels.
  • Carousel Images:  At least 600 pixels width x 400 pixels height; And no more than 1000 pixel width.
  • Staff photos:​ Ideally 440 pixels x 440 pixels. Must be Square. Image can be bigger but​ not smaller.​
Exemplar Template
Image sizes are listed width x height.  Images that are displayed on the Homepage, Current Families and Learn More pages should be uploaded to the Site Collection Image Library.  They will need to be published in order for them to be displayed on the website. 
  • Homepage Image: 1850 pixels x 900 pixels
  • Main image at top of internal pages: 1896 pixels x 305 pixels
  • Personalized Learning Photo #1 (left): 500 pixels x 500 pixels
  • Personalized Learning Photo #2: 500 pixels x 300 pixels
  • Learning Community Photo: 350 pixels x 350 pixels
  • How We Learn Photo: 700 pixels x 700 pixels
  • Current Families What's Happening (Announcements):  800 pixels x 700 pixels
  • Staff photos: 317 pixels x 420 pixels