Edit School Profile Pages

For Editing Instructions of School Profile Page, please view this this link (or click on the "School Profiles" link on the top navigation)  Be sure you are in the "BVSD Content Hub Members" group so you have permissions to edit your school's profile page.

The School Profile and School Logo need to be updated on the content hub (centralized location) by the school webmaster.  To access this, select the "School Profiles" menu at the top of this page (or click this link) and then find your school on the left column navigation.  Once the information is edited, it takes some time (possibly overnight) for the changes to propagate down to the school website.  Be patient.  An IT Service Request may need to be submitted when changing the school logo to a new logo.

The information found in the School Profile pages will be used to fill in several pages of the school website including the homepage.  See list of pages below. 

School Website Pages with Content from School Profile

The following school website pages include information that is queried from the information in the School Profile.   These pages should not be edited directly.  

  • Homepage (info from School Profile Page)
  • About Us (info from School Profile Page)
  • Principal's Message (info from School Profile Page)

School Profile Fields

The fields listed below need to be filled out to be used for the school website templates.  Once this is filled out, be sure the "Publish" the page.

TITLE:  School name

ROLLUP IMAGE: Add your logo here.  Your logo should first be uploaded to the School Profile Images library in the Content Hub area.  Be sure the image is 186 pixels x 186 pixels in .png format and has been published too. 

  1. Under Rollup Image, Click on "Insert a Picture from SharePoint"
  2. Navigate to the "School Profiles" directory and select the "Images" folder
  3. Find the logo that was uploaded, select it and click on "Insert" button and then click "OK"

SCHOOL TITLE:  Click on the tag icon at right of the field  Select your school

SLOGAN: A brief slogan that will display on homepage slider below logo.  For HS & Elementary, leave blank.

SCHOOL PROFILE DESCRIPTION: Enter a brief description that will display on the homepage slider below the slogan.  For Elementary schools, leave blank.


ADDRESS fields:  school street address, city, state, zip


COUNSELING PHONE:  leave blank for Elementary Schools

EMAIL - most schools do not have email addresses.  Leave blank

DAILY SCHEDULE:  Add your general school hours here

ABOUT OUR SCHOOL: This information gets loaded into the "About Us" Page

PROGRAM CHARACTERISTICS: ​ This information gets loaded into the "About Us" Page

PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE:  This information gets loaded in the "Principal's Message" page

POINTS OF PRIDE  (leave blank)

MISSION STATEMENT (optional) This information gets loaded into the "About Us" Page

VISION STATEMENT (optional) This information gets loaded into the "About Us" Page

ACADEMIC GOALS (leave blank)


FUNDED HEADCOUNT (leave blank)

EQUITY GOAL (leave blank)

​ENROLLMENT FTE (leave blank)

CLIMATE GOALS (leave blank)

STUDENT FEES:  For Elementary & HS, enter your RevTrak URL web address and Description.  If you do not use RevTrak, enter URL for the Fees & Payments page on your website.   MS/K8 templates need to add information to RevTrak Store Link.

FOLLOW US:  (optional) Enter a heading that will appear above your  Facebook and/or Twitter icons. N/A for elementary.

FACEBOOK:  (optional) Enter your school's facebook link. N/A for elementary.

TWITTER:  (optional) Enter your school's twitter link. N/A for elementary.

SCHOOL CODE:  Click on the tag icon at right of the field and select your 3-digit school code.