Primary/Global Navigation

All the school website templates have a list of menus that run along the top of the page.  This primary or "global" navigation lists all the subsites and is set as a part of the template.  This navigation cannot be changed.

Primary Navigation: Elementary Template

Primary Navigation: MS/K8 Template

Primary Navigation: High School Template

Primary Navigation: Exemplar Template


Secondary/Current Navigation: Drop-Down Menu & Left Side Column Menu

Under each top-level menu item in the primary navigation, there is a list of pages that have been created within each subsite.  When a new page is created, it is automatically listed in the drop-down menu.  For the Elementary and MS/K8 template, the new page is also added to the page navigation on the left side column of the page as shown below.  The items listed and the order in which they are listed in this secondary navigation (the drop-down menu AND left column) can be changed.  Instructions on how to customize this secondary navigation can be found on the Basic Navigation Instruction page

Note that the navigation for the High School template does NOT use this navigation but instead uses the "Mega Menu" Navigation list to display the drop-down menus.  See below for more details.

All newly created pages are also automatically added to the body of the top-level page in the summary section.  This is done within a content queried "page summary" webpart on the top-level page and cannot be changed. 

Secondary Navigation: Elementary Template 

Secondary Navigation: MS/K8 Template

Secondary Navigation: High School Template

 Secondary Navigation: Exemplar Template


High School Navigation - Mega Menu



BVSD Navigation

Unique to the Exemplar Template is a menu on the far right area called "BVSD Navigation" which provides quicklinks directly to the BVSD Website.  The navigation is also found in the website's footer at the bottom of the page.  The links referenced in the BVSD Navigation menu are treated similarly to the BVSD Quicklinks on the Elementary and MS/K8 Website Templates.  For instructions on how to change these links, please view the BVSD Quicklinks Page.