​DO NOT EDIT THE STAFF DIRECTORY PAGES.  Individual Staff Profile Pages should be edited instead (see below instructions)

The staff directory page is found under the "About Us" on all the school websites.  The content of this page is queried from the individual Profile Pages and filtered and displayed depending on the school template.  The filtering is based on the department/grade/position that is indicated in the individual Staff Profile Page.  Scroll down on this page to see the examples of the different templates.

  • For Elementary School:  The Staff Directory is filtered by Administration and then by alphabetical groupings (A-C, D-F, etc). 
  • *For Middle School: The Staff Directory is filtered by administration at the top and then departments below that.
  • For K8 Schools: The Staff Directory is filtered & grouped by administration, counselors, elementary teachers, middle-level teachers, and support staff. 
  • For Exemplar Schools: The Staff Directory is filtered by teams with the Administration Team listed first.  An A-Z tab is also available.
  • For High School: The Staff Directory is filtered by position (admin, counselors, teachers, coaches, support) on the left side and A-Z List on the right side.

*Note (for MS/K8):  The Administration staff section of the directory for the MS/K8 template may include two Content Query web parts.  The first is filtered to include only the principal and, if applicable, the assistant principal.  All other Administration staff members are displayed in ascending order by last name in the second web part.  If a school does not have an assistant principal, the first web part may be modified to include the principal and principal's assistant.


Contacting Staff Members

Each Staff Profile Page contains the staff's first name, last name, phone, email, and position.  The school website template is setup to have a "Send Email" link on the Staff profile page and Staff Directory.  This allows site visitors to contact the staff member by clicking on the link and completing a contact form.  Staff members should NOT reply to the email; they should copy the address and create a new email.


Editing Instructions

The Staff Directory pages SHOULD NOT BE EDITED DIRECTLY.  To add a staff member to the directory, create a new Staff Profile Page.  To edit or delete a staff member from the directory, edit/delete the person's Profile Page.  View the Staff Profile Instruction page for details on how to modify the staff directory with new/changing staff members.


Staff Directory Examples - Elementary Template


Staff Directory Example - K8 Template

Staff Directory Example - Middle School Template

Staff Directory Example - Exemplar Template (Meadowlark K8)


Staff Directory Example - High School Template