Staff Profile Pages

Each staff member has a staff profile page that includes their first & last name, position, phone, and email.  It is important to list the staff member's department and grade as this will determne which page their information is listed.  All staff are listed in the School Directory page.  If a staff member has the department set to "Admin", then they will be listed at the top of the direcotry.  A staff member with "Health Room" set as the department will be listed on the Health Resources page. Other staff will be listed on the Academic Department page (Art, PE, Music, etc) or grade level page (for Elem/K8 templates).  Coaches will be listed under the appropriate sports page (for MS/K8/HS templates).

All staff profile pages need to be updated at the beginning of every school year and kept current with any staff changes.  See below instruction on how to update/upload photos as well as how to add/remove staff members.  Ideally all staff profile pages will also have a photo included.  If no photo is available, a default one will be be displayed on the School Directory page.  See default "missing photo" image shown below.


Upload Staff Photos to Staff Directory Image Library

All photos are added to the Staff Directory Photo Library.  When working in Sharepoint, this directory can be easily accessed through the Webmaster Dashboard (see Start-up Information page).  These photos can also be accessed by navigating to the location below, depending on website template:
  • For Elementary Template: Staff photos are located in About Us->Staff Directory->Staff Directory Images
  • For MS/K8 Template:  Staff photos are located in About Us->Staff Directory->Profiles->staffphotos
  • For HS Template: Staff photos are located in About->Staff Directory->Profiles->staffphotos
  • For Exemplar Template: Staff photos are located in About Us->Staff Directory->staffphotos
Preparing Staff Photos
  • Staff photos should be jpeg files with a filename of firstname_lastname.jpg.  (or lastname.jpg for MS)
    NOTE:  When replacing staff photos with new ones, be sure to use the identical name for the photo as was used previously so that photos on the Profile Pages are updated automatically when a new photo is uploaded.
  • Staff photos should be resized/cropped BEFORE uploading into the library.  View Working with Images page on instructions on how to do this.  Photos must be sized to be similar to what is listed below.  Images that are too larger in size are fine for displaying on the Staff Directory page however too large of a photo will create issues when viewing the individual Staff Profile page as all the text will be shifted and not displayed properly.
  • Staff photo sizes depend on the template.  Below sizes are listed as width x height.  All images sizes are also listed on the Images for School Websites Page.
    • Elementary School Template: 150 pixels x 150 pixel
    • MS/K8 School Template: 260 pixels x 344 pixels
    • High School Template: 440 pixels x 440 pixels (must be square)
  • Photos that come from Lifetouch Photography are 172 pixels x 228 pixels.  Although on the smaller side of things, these can be uploaded directly and used if need be without any issues.
  • If no photo is available of the staff member, leave it blank.  The default "missing photo" (one of the ones below) will appear when the Staff Directory is displayed.  However, nothing will be displayed on the individual Staff Profile page unless this image (NO_PICTURE.jpg) is purposely selected when creating/editing the Staff Profile page.
Uploading the Staff Photos
  1. Sign-in to access the Staff Webmaster Dashboard.  Select this in the Footer area in the lower left corner

  2. Navigate to the Staff Directory Photo Library.  Go to Webmaster Dashboard and click on Staff Photos in the Dashboard Quicklinks

  3. The Staff Directory Image Library will Open

  4. Upload the photo: (See Working with Images Page Instruction for more details on how to upload an image as there are multiple ways to do this)
    Find the image on your computer (desktop or windows explorer), select it by clicking on your mouse and drag it over to the image library.  Release the mouse when the blue outline shows up and it says "Drop here..."

  5. If the staff member is not new, then their staff photo will already exist with the same file name.  Be sure to Click on "Replace It" so the new photo can be uploaded in its place.

Create a New Staff Profile Page

  1. From the Webmaster Dashboard, click on ​Staff Profile Pages

  2. Click GEAR>Add a Page
  3. Name the page as follows (without any spaces):  First_Last  NOTE: First and Last name should match the staff email name but with the "_" (underscore) instead of "." (period).  For MS/K8 template, the naming conventions were to name the page as LastnameF (where "F" is the initial of firstname).  Keep a consistent naming conventions for all Staff Profile Pages.

  4. Click Create

  5. The new page will open.  The Title will be filled in with the name of the page (First_Last or LastnameF).

  6. DO THIS FIRST.... before making any other edits!  Click on Ribbon>Page tab.  Select Edit Properties. 

  7. If asked about leaving the page, click on "Leave This Page".  If you did any changes before this step, be sure to save first.

  8. The Title is automatically set to be the same as the page name.  Change the "Title" field as listed below.
     -- For Elementary/HS Template, change the Title to be "Firstname Lastname" (replace the "_" with a space)
     -- For MS/K8 Template, change the Title to be "Last" only

  9. Enter the staff member's first name in the "First Name" field.  

  10. Enter the staff member's last name in the "Last Name" field (scroll to bottom of page).  NOTE:  If the last name is hyphenated or includes multiple names, enter only the beginning part of the last name in this field. For example, for Jones-Smith enter "Jones". Content in this field is used to filter for the staff directory but is not displayed anywhere. 

  11. Enter the staff member's email address in the "Contact E-Mail Address" field.  This is the full email address: 

  12. Click on SAVE.  This will save the changes you made directly in the Edit Properties fields in the above three steps.

  13. Click on GEAR>Edit Page
  14. Insert Staff Photo 
    • Click on the text "Click here to insert a picture from SharePoint"

    • Next to the "Selected Image" field, click on the "Browse" button

    • Navigate to the Staff Directory Photo Library (see the top of the page for template dependent location).  Find the picture of the staff member and select it.   Click on the "Insert" Button.

    • The URL of the selected staff photo will be inserted into the "Selected Image" field.  Click OK to insert the image onto the staff profile page.

  15. Complete the information in the remaining designated fields.  You will see the first four fields listed below were the ones that were just modified in the steps above.  NOTE: For MS/K8, the Title displayed at the top of the page is a combination of the "First name" field and "Title" field.  This shows up once the page is published.
    • Title:  This is automatically filled in when the page is created.  See step #8 above, modify in the Edit Properties.
    • First Name:  See step #9 above & add in the Edit Properties.  Note for MS/K8, this is used to create the Header Title (full name) of the staff along with the "Title" field.  This field must be filled out in the Edit Properties area otherwise it will not save (known issue).
    • Last Name: See step #10 above & add in the Edit Properties.  Only used for list/display purposes.
    • Contact E-Mail Address: See step #11 above & add in the Edit Properties. Use (be sure to include  No personal emails should be included here.  This field must be filled out in the Edit Properties area otherwise it will not save (known issue)
    • Primary Phone:  Use 10 digit BVSD phone number: 720-561-xxxx.  Use dashes "-" between the digits.
    • Position:  For example: Principal, Teacher, Paraeducator, Custodian, etc.  Put in all CAPS for Elementary templates as it displays better.  If an individual is both a teacher and a coach, enter Teacher in the Position field and Coach & Sport in the Position2 field.
    • Position2: Enter position (coach, asst coach, etc. and sport)  Used to identify an athletics coach who is also a staff member.
    • Office: Enter the office or classroom number
    • Elem/MS/K8/HS Department: This field determines the way staff are filtered on the Staff Directory and Academics pages (for MS/K8/HS).  For Elementary Teacher, leave this blank.  Note: For K8 schools, this may need to be done in the Edit Properties similar to adding First/Last name but modify the "K8 Department" instead.
      -- Click on icon to the right of the field 
      -- Click on arrow to open/expand Academics, Athletics, General (Admin, Health Room, Specialist, Support)
      -- Click/highlight the department and click on the "Select" button
      -- Repeat for multiple departments if needed.
    • Grades: (Elem/MS/K8) This field determines the way staff are filtered on the Staff Directory and Academics pages (for MS/K8).  Also it is used in the Elementary Template for the Classes & Programs pages.
      -- Click on icon to the right of the field 
      -- Click/highlight the grade and click on the "Select" button
      -- Repeat for multiple grades if needed.
    • Personal Website:  Enter the URL (web address) and Description (displayed text) for the staff member's website.
    • Bio:   Enter a biography
    • Page Content (for Elem)/ Comments (for MS/K8): Add a favorite quote here (optional)
    • HS/MS Sport (use for coaches only):  This field determins the way the staff are filtered on the Staff Directory and Athletics pages (for MS/K8/HS)
      -- Click on the icon to the right of the field
      -- For MS/K8 Template, click on arrow to open/expand Interscholastic or Intramural
      -- Click/highlight the sport and click on the "Select" button
      -- Repeat for multiple sports if needed.  Click on the down arrow if you need to see more sports.
    • Team (optional):  Enter the sport team name
    • More Information (optional, HS template only):  Add a webpart 
    • Courses Taught (optional, HS template only):  Add your text to the webpart.  Close the webpart if you do not want to use it.
    • Additional Resources (optional, HS template only):  Add your text or links to the webpart.  Close the webpart if you do not want to use it.
    • Class Schedule (optional, HS template only):  Add your text to the webpart.  Close the webpart if you do not want to use it.

  16. PUBLISH the page.  This is save the information and display it to the public.

Edit an Existing Staff Profile Page

  1. From the Webmaster Dashboard, click on ​Staff Profile Pages

  2. Click on the name of the staff page that you'd like to edit/update.  This should open their staff profile page.
  3. Click on GEAR>Edit Page

  4. Make your updates in the designated fields following the instructions above (for a new staff)
  5. Publish page to save the new information.

Edit Multiple Staff Profile Pages (Advanced Users Only)

  • Check out all pages in the Content and Structure view;
  • Return to the Staff Pages library and change to Quick Edit
  • On the Ribbon>Library tab>Quick Edit.  Enter the information in the appropriate cell
  • Return to Content and Structure view, select All and Publish.

Delete an Existing Staff Profile Page

NOTE:  You would typically delete a page only when a staff member no longer works at the school.
  1.  From the Webmaster Dashboard, click on ​Staff Profile Pages​ 
  2.  Locate the page you want to delete
    -- Click on the "..."
    -- Click on the "..." (again)
    -- Click on the "Delete"

  3.  Click OK to confirm delete​