​Sign-in - School Website

The first step to editing your website is signing in.  The 'Sign In' link is found at the top or bottom of the page, depending on your website.  Sign in using your regular BVSD credentials.  Do not include @bvsd.org.

*Note that in order to be able to make edits to the website, you will need to have your account permissions set appropriately to be a part of the website owners group AND the school profile page group.  Please submit an IT Service Request to set this up.


Webmaster Dashboard for BVSD School Websites

All school websites have a custom "Staff Only" page called "Webmaster Dashboard.  This page on the website has valuable information and links that will help to make editing the website easier.  Once you are signed in, the "Webmaster Dashboard" can be accessed through the footer by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage and clicking on STAFF ONLY - Dashboard.  It can also be accessed through the "STAFF" tab. 

For the Early Childhood Education website, https://ece.bvsd.org, the Webmaster Dashboard is accessed by going to: https://ece.bvsd.org/staff/Pages/Dashboard.aspx.  For the Exemplar schools like Meadowlark, the Webmaster Dashboard is accessed by first signing in and then selecting the "staff only" link on the bottom of the homepage.  The Webmaster Dashboard can be selected from here.


Begin Editing Your School Website

The links found on the "Webmaster Dashboard" and the instructions on the left column of this page should give you the tools you need to edit your school website.  Additional instructions on SharePoint can be found on our Basic SharePoint Instructions Site

There are many resources available on the web.  For further assistance and/or issues with your website, please submit an IT Service Request.

School Website Specifics

Many of the instructions can be found by clicking on a topic listed here in the left column.  Below is a list of some of the heavily used areas.


Unused Web Parts, Lists, Libraries, Pages, etc

Do not delete web parts, lists, libraries, pages or sites that are part of the template!    The school sites contain queries that publish specific content from the hub.  

Close Web parts (don't delete): If there is a webpart that you don't want, close the web part instead (when editing the page, click the arrow in upper left of web part and select "Close".  This will allow you to Restore a web part at a later date, if desired.

Unpublish pages (don't delete): If there is a template page that you don't want, please "unpublish" this page instead.  To do so, navigate to the page and make sure the Ribbon is showing (Gear>Show Ribbon). Click the "Publish" tab, then click "Unpublish" on the Ribbon.  NOTE: You will still see the page in the navigation when signed in but the public won't see it.  For more details see the Unpublishing/Removing Page Instructions.