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Boulder Explore

Engage in meaningful, hands-on activities as you explore Art, Theatre, and STEM!

​​​​​​​​​​Homeschool Enrichment Activities are held at 7750 Concord Dr, Boulder, CO 80301 (Site of Heatherwood Elementary)

Diana Gamboa

Director's Assistant - Danielle Bird

Registrar - Marcia Burns

Address: 7750 Concord Dr,
(Site of Heatherwood Elementary)

City: Boulder

State: CO

Zip: 80301

Office Phone: 720-561-5522

Fax: 720-561-5570

Attendance Phone: 720-561-5500

Counseling Phone:  

Counseling Fax:  


Daily Schedule:

Tuesdays at 8:00am-2:30pm

About Our School:

​Boulder Explore is a full day of enrichment for students who are homeschooled.  Our teachers are all highly qualified in their content area. We explore topics in Visual Art, Dramatic Arts, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) through engaging, hands-on activities and relevant experiences.

Program Characteristics:
  • Our curriculum is facilitated through a primary learning event that occurs one day per week.
  • We host Meet-ups and field excursions that may be attended by both parent and student.
  • We offer blended learning experiences using an online environment to allow parents to extend their child’s learning beyond the enrichment day.
  • Families maintain their status as the primary school and retain responsibility for all other content.
  • We also offer several opportunities for parents to add to their skill set through collaborative events and workshops.

Principals Message:

Points of Pride:

Mission statement:
​Create, Collaborate, and Grow!

Boulder Explore is a dynamic, student-centered inclusive learning community designed to enrich and support home school education. The vision of Boulder Explore is to be an innovative model for family-centered education that recognizes the importance of both individual and group learning for school-age children.​

The homeschool provides the content for skill development in literacy and numeracy while we engage students in discovery, practice, and inquiry in Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, and STEM studies. Typically, these are the most challenging for homeschool families to offer.  We value creativity, collaboration, hands-on experiences, and growth.

Vision statement:
Guiding Principles:​
  • The parent is the first and the primary educator for a child.
  • Families are honored and play a vital role in the learning community.
  • Students are respected and valued as individuals within a positive and safe learning environment.
  • Course offerings emphasize the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)  and Collaborative Problem Solving.
  • Student centered hands-on experiences focus on creativity, inquiry-based learning, collaborative problem solving, and thematic approaches.
  • Learning experiences are enriched through through community resources and partnerships.

Academic Goals:

Student/Teacher Ratio:  

Funded Headcount:  

Equity Goal:  

Enrollment FTE:  

Climate Goals:  

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School Code: BXP