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Centaurus High School

Heart of a Warrior

Daniel Ryan



Address: 10300 South Boulder Road

City: Lafayette

State: CO

Zip: 80026

Office Phone: 720-561-7500

Fax: 720-561-5368

Attendance Phone: 720-561-5358

Counseling Phone: 720-561-5354

Counseling Fax: 720-561-5840


Daily Schedule:

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 3:45 pm

Bell Schedule

Main Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:15 pm​

About Our School:
​Centaurus High School is a college-preparatory high school with an award winning Engineering Academy and International Baccalaureate Diploma program. Our Advanced Placement courses, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), fine arts, International Baccalaureate, Engineering Academy and exceptional extra-curricular programs ensure that each of our students is prepared for the most rigorous academic majors at the university level. Graduates from these programs have been accepted to nationally ranked schools to further their studies in a variety of fields, including engineering, pre-law, pre-medical, international policy studies, journalism, and art. Centaurus’ size allows students to participate more fully in their high school experience, garner more personal assistance, and build lasting relationships with both peers and faculty.

Centaurus High School is an Engineering Focus School, and an International Baccalaureate Focus School that provides an environment rich in academia. 
Our International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, Fine Arts, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), Pre-Engineering, and exceptional extra-curricular programs ensure that each of our students is prepared for a competitive future. 

The Engineering Partnership with the University of Colorado provides students guaranteed admission to the CU School of Engineering.   International Baccalaureate and Pre-Engineering provide students the most rigorous courses in preparation for highly academic majors at the University level enabling students to compete nationally and internationally. 

A number of AdvancedPlacement (AP) courses (language arts, calculus, biology, US history, European history, French, German, Spanish).

For many years, most of our AP classes have had 100% of the students score at "3" or better on the examine, earning college credit. CHS is the only Boulder Valley high school that can claim this honor.

Every year a number of students achieve AP scholar status by earning a score of "3" or higher in multiple exams; a highly successful program. 17 honors and advanced classes (business, language arts, math, biology, chemistry, physics).

CHS, the only school in Colorado and one of only 13 in the nation, belongs to the Athena Student Intern Program; students Miranda Tafoya and Mark Girard work with CHS's science teacher Dr. Haynes and Dr. William Farrand of Space Sciences Institute at the Jet Propulsion Lab with the NASA Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) program and will be a part of the Science Team in February, 2004 after the Mars landing.


CHS is the only BVSD high school with an 8-inch Newtonian reflecting telescope and an 8-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain reflecting telescope, used at Dr. Haynes's astronomy class "star parties."

Nationally certified, extensive pre-engineering program; business program including law class; art program with participants in juried shows; computer programming courses including JAVA; language arts program including theatre, speech and debate, newspaper and yearbook courses; math program with state and nationally recognized curriculum, also several levels of calculus, plus statistics class; science program including research with C. U.; social studies program including psychology and sociology; world languages program; and an extensive music program in choir, band, jazz band and orchestra.

Academics of a Diverse Population

Former Centaurus students over the years have been honored as:
  • US Achievement Academic National Award in Science winners
  • Several first place winners in BVSD Science Fair
  • State qualifiers for Science Fair
  • US Presidential Scholars
  • First place winners in TEC State competition
  • First place winners in local, regional and state speech and debate/forensics competition
  • Winners of state competition and qualified for Nationals in speech and debate/forensics competition (the only BVSD high school ever to do so)
  • Winner of state Thespian scholarship, Anthony Reimer (the only BVSD high school ever to do so).
  • Boettcher scholar 91-92, 01-02, 02-03, 03-04, 04-05, 05-06, 10-11, 11-12
  • A number of SAT perfect scorers over the years.
  • Many President's Educational Awards (3.5 GPA and 85%ile ACT/SAT).
  • A number of NMSQT (National Merit) scholars.

Program Characteristics:
​Following is a brief description of some of the courses offered at Centaurus:
  • AP (Advanced Placement) and Honors courses are offered for students grades 9-12. Over 27 different courses are offered to meet the rigorous academic needs of our highest achieving students.
  • IB (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) was implemented in the fall of 2006. This worldwide, rigorous, integrated curricula allows our students to graduate with the IB Diploma, allowing students access to universities worldwide.
  • The Pre-Engineering Program is the only BVSD high school program to partner with CU to provide our students a comprehensive engineering college preparation program.
  • AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) is a college preparatory program that focuses on increasing student enrollment in advanced courses.
Special Programs and Opportunities
Centaurus High School offers a wide array of co-curricular programs to support our curricular and extracurricular programs:
  • Four-Year Advisory and 360 are programs led by staff and upperclass mentors to aid the ninth-graders’ transition to high school.
  • Centaurus Tutoring Center provides tutoring and other academic assistance throughout the school day and after school.
  • Modified Block Scheduling – Courses are offered in a traditional seven-period day except for Tuesday and Wednesday when students have four classes of 105 minutes each.
  • Tutor Time is a special tutoring session available to students each Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00 -1:30 p.m. Teachers are in their classrooms and students may use the time to make up missed assignments, tests, or to receive remediation or enrichment in the content area.
  • Public Achievement (PA) is a National Service Learning Program allowing students to partner with mentors from Naropa University on community service projects.
  • Post Secondary Options is a college tuition program for students who excel beyond the CHS curriculum, allowing students to enroll in college courses without any tuition fee paid by the student.

Principals Message:
​Centaurus High School is a Pre-Engineering Focus School and an International Baccalaureate Focus School that provides an environment rich in academia. Centaurus also offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Our AP and Honors programs, fine arts and practical arts programs, pre-engineering programs, and exceptional extracurricular programs ensure that each of our students are prepared for a competitive future. CHS graduates have been accepted at institutions of higher education across the United States and foreign countries. Scholarship offers for the Class of 2015 totaled over 3 million dollars, including scholarships to Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Baylor, Drake, Lewis and Clark, Embry-Riddle, and a plethora of state universities and colleges.

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), International Baccalaureate, Pre-Engineering, and Advanced Placement provide students rigorous courses in preparation for highly academic majors at the university level. Both AVID and Pre-Engineering classes are enhanced by partnerships with local universities and community mentors. The Engineering Partnership with the University of Colorado provides students the opportunity for guaranteed admission to the CU School of Engineering. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program provides students with the academic preparation to compete nationally and internationally.

The faculty at CHS remains focused on high achievement for all students. Providing quality instruction through differentiated instruction and providing tutorial time for individual students plays an important role in the exceptional academic achievements earned by CHS students. The faculty supports the research that building relationships with students and parents is paramount to academic success. As a result, CHS students are encouraged and supported to participate in IB, AP, Pre-Engineering, and other advanced coursework.

Points of Pride:

Mission statement:
Our mission is to create educated, engaged, empowered, and compassionate participants in a global society.

Vision statement:
​Our vision of a proud Centaurus Warrior community includes:

1.     Students who demonstrate HEART:  Honor, Empathy, Achievement, Respect, and Triumph.

2.     Teachers who provide enriching progressive, viable curriculum that equitably meets diverse student needs.

3.     Parents and the community who engages in and supports the learning process.

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