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Eisenhower Elementary School



Brady Stroup



Address: 1220 Eisenhower Drive

City: Boulder

State: CO

Zip: 80303

Office Phone:  720-561-6700

Fax:  720-561-6701

Attendance Phone: 720-561-6702

Counseling Phone:  

Counseling Fax:  


Daily Schedule:

​​School ​Hours: 8:35am - 3:10pm

Office Hours: 8:00am - 3:45pm

*Elementary Specials ABC Rotation Schedule

About Our School:
​Welcome to Eisenhower Elementary School. Eisenhower is an exciting and dynamic place to be! The staff and I are committed to making your child’s school experience positive. ​Our goal is to provide a high quality education for all of our students.  We truly strive to develop the “whole child,” and we focus on the social, emotional, and academic growth of all our students.

Please see Principal's Message and Achie​vements and Awards to learn more about Eisenhower Elementary and academic achievement, accountability and improvement plans, state performance rankings, and parent community. 

Eisenhower is a vibrant neighborhood school serving a dynamic, involved community. We are proud of our students’ high achievement and high performance record. The school urges students to reach their fullest potential through authentic work, fun and real accomplishment. We strive for all those associated with Eisenhower to understand the wonder of learning and importance of community. Gifted programs, ESL programs, special education programs, before- and after-school care and a variety of student activities are available. Our diverse student population is truly a community of learners.

Program Characteristics:
Eisenhower has a long tradition of excellence. Our community is very supportive of the school. We have an active and dedicated PTA. We have support from the University of Colorado and several area businesses. Many organizations use our facilities for sports and community events.

Eisenhower is governed by standing committees that handle the day-to-day decisions related to our effective functioning. Our standing committee structure includes the following committees:

The Q-Team (Quality Team), a  collaborative leadership team that determines overall school goals and systems to achieve those goals
The Advisory Team, a shared decision making team which determines our schools’ policies and procedures.
The Climate/PBS Team focuses on the school’s Positive Behavior Support Systems and our overall school climate efforts.
The Technology Task Force on computer applications and staff development
The Response to Intervention Team works to ensure that all students are learning at an appropriate rate.

Our School Accountability Committee consists of parents, administrators and teachers. This committee ensures the monitoring of continued growth toward our goals. 

We have an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that raises funds for classroom, student and staff support. In addition, they sponsor many school-wide events that connect our families to Eisenhower. They have successfully raised funds for major playground improvement, instructional assistance, technology improvements, and math intervention programs.

Our Latino Community Forum is designed to give our Spanish speaking families a unique way to connect to Eisenhower. The forums are conducted in Spanish and cover topics ranging from how to help your child with your homework to living in a bi-cultural world. We often partner with Boulder County Family Resource Center to provide these informative, interactive, fun nights! 

Special Programs and Opportunities

1. Eisenhower has programs for special needs populations such as Multi-Intensive Learning Center, English Language Development and TAG and Advanced Student Learning.
2. Eisenhower is an ELD school serving many families from around the world.
3. The Eisenhower Student Council serves the school and has representatives from grades three, four, and five.
4. Eisenhower is committed to keeping our class size as small as possible, especially in the primary grades. We have a traditional grade configuration. Depending on district budget     constraints, multiage classes may be used.
5. Students on Individualized Learning Plans, in addition to regular classroom literacy instruction, receive literacy services according to their specific needs.
6. Students of high ability have opportunities to extend their abilities through accelerated offerings in their classes. This is open to both those identified as TAG through our       Talented and Gifted program as well as those with both a high interest and ability in a specific topic.
7. Our technology and library media programs are integrated into our instruction as are physical education, art and music.
8. We have an active student choir, which performs for the school and outside in the community.
9. There is a chess club, jump rope club, yo-yo club, fitness club, art club, flag football club and a variety of intramurals.
10. We have a student newspaper and literary magazines and student directed plays.
11. Eisenhower has a wide variety of communication tools including e-mail, web site and school newsletter.

Principals Message:
From the Principal,
I am very proud to be associated with the outstanding school environment at Eisenhower Elementary!  This is truly one of the best schools in Boulder Valley.  The award winning staff at Eisenhower is experienced and knowledgeable, the parents and community are extremely supportive, and the students are the best in the world!
Eisenhower Elementary has a proud history of excellence.  We have high expectations for all students in academics, behavior, and respect to others.  We offer a variety of academic and social programs for both advanced and struggling learners including Talented and Gifted, Special Education, and English Language Development.
Parent participation and input is valued at Eisenhower Elementary.  We have a very active PTA that is involved in many school-wide activities and fundraising.  The Eisenhower School Accountability Committee (SAC) meets once a month and is one of the major decision making bodies at Eisenhower Elementary.  We also offer grade-level Back to School nights and fall and spring Parent/Teacher Conferences to keep parents informed of what is going on at Eisenhower Elementary.  The staff is eager to work with parents for the benefit of their students.  We are always open to suggestions.  

My experience includes being an elementary classroom teacher, district math specialist, ten years as an elementary principal and a principal supervisor.  I fully believe that all students can learn at a high level and that it is important to help students realize their full potential in all areas.  This includes academics, interpersonal skills, and the arts.
I promise that your child will be treated with respect.  I will listen to you, keep what you say in confidence, and realize that you have the best interests of your children in mind. Children will learn from their mistakes and discipline will be based on love and learning. I will not give up on any child and I am committed to helping all children succeed.

I am very proud to be the principal at Eisenhower Elementary!
Brady Stroup
Administrative Links for our community: 
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)

Points of Pride:

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Academic Goals:

Student/Teacher Ratio: 15.5/1

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Equity Goal:  

Enrollment FTE: 405

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School Code: EIE