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Monarch K8 School

No Mustang Runs Alone

Robin Techmanski, Principal

Chavonne Gloster, Assistant Principal

Jessica Seevers, Assistant Principal

Address: 263 Campus Drive

City: Louisville

State: CO

Zip: 80027

Office Phone: 720.561.4000

Fax: 720.561.4001

Attendance Phone: 720.561.4002

Counseling Phone:  

Counseling Fax:  


Daily Schedule:

Middle Level - 
Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri: 8:00AM-3:05PM
Wednesday: 9:30AM-3:05PM
Elementary - Grades K-5
Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri: 8:00AM-3:05PM
Wednesday: 9:30AM-3:05PM

Preschool AM 
Tues-Fri: 7:50AM - 10:50AM
Preschool PM 
Tues-Fri:12:05PM - 3:05PM

About Our School:

​Monarch PK-8 School serves PK-8th grade students from Louisville and Superior. Administrators, teachers, and support staff strive to provide all students with a safe learning environment characterized by a rigorous curriculum and a caring community. Our comprehensive course offerings are taught by a passionate, creative, and dedicated staff committed to developing the whole child. Monarch PK-8 is a true community of learners. This school also offers free and tuition preschool classes that have a focus on both academic and developmental learning standards.

Program Characteristics:

Principals Message:
As Boulder Valley’s first neighborhood PK-8 school, we take pride in our program design. Our strengths span ten grade levels and, as a Monarch Community, we house PK-12 programming on the one campus that focuses on community and high academic achievement.

Monarch PK-8 students understand that safety and community are paramount. Picture administrators greeting students each morning; daily announcements by administrators; classroom and lunchroom visits. These personal touches provide a sense of safety; knowledge of a strong, intact community; and prevent discipline issues.

How can you tell our teachers are exemplary? You could look at our test scores. Better yet, come experience the everyday workings of our school. Visit classrooms and witness passion, creativity, dedication, and a strong level of expertise. We evaluate and reevaluate programs and policies, always striving for excellence. Creative scheduling ensures the most efficient and effective use of school day minutes. Parents, students, staff and administration work as a team and utilize different forms of communication to ensure maximum success for all. Our campus allows for acceleration and cross-graded activities K-12; we develop leaders in our students at all grade levels.

Our Mustang STRONG program is Monarch PK-8’s philosophical cornerstone for daily interaction. To be Mustang STRONG where we all belong, means that we are community members who are Respectful, Kind, Tenacious and Courageous. We believe that these values, when honored in a consistent fashion, will promote a school environment which supports learning to the greatest degree possible with the least amount of disruption, while upholding our school mission of building compassionate, engaged, global citizens. At Monarch PK-8, we empower students to be part of the caring community and help them grow as leaders.

Walk through our halls, visit our classrooms, read our publications. It “feels” good at our school and students are reaching high academic goals. We love working here… learning here… we are a community. Monarch PK-8 and Monarch High School weave together the common threads of discipline, academics and community; our students transition from level to level with ease and grace, feeling a continued sense of safety and belonging to a PK-12 community.

Points of Pride:

Mission statement:

​The mission of the Monarch PK-8 Community is to empower all learners to reach their unique potential and become compassionate, engaged global citizens.

Vision statement:

Academic Goals:

Student/Teacher Ratio: 17.4/1

Funded Headcount: 748

Equity Goal:  

Enrollment FTE: 727

Climate Goals:  

Student Fees:

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School Code: MO8