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Nevin Platt Middle School

Home of the Wolves

Our mission is ​to ​empower students to contribute positively to the world by providing diverse learning experiences, personal discovery and strong relationships.

Brooke Daerr, Principal

David Weisbart, Assistant Principal


Address: 6096 Baseline Road

City: Boulder

State: CO

Zip: 80303

Office Phone: 720-561-5536

Fax: 720-561-6898

Attendance Phone: 720-561-5534

Counseling Phone: 720-561-6803

Counseling Fax:  


Daily Schedule:
​M/Tu/Th/F -- 8:40am-3:45pm

Wednesdays - Late Start
   -- Platt:  10:00am-3:45pm
   -- CHOICE:  9:40am-3:45pm

About Our School:
Nevin Platt is a school where children thrive in a safe academic environment provided by caring, qualified staff. We understand pre-adolescent children and design programming to meet their intellectual, physical and emotional needs. We promote technological expertise, exploration of the humanities and community building. Our CHOICE team features multi-age grouping and alternative assessments. Students must apply for the CHOICE three-year program through Open Enrollment.

Program Characteristics:

Principals Message:
​​We welcome you to Platt Choice and Platt Middle School - a place where your students will succeed!
Platt is a community school where students thrive in a safe, academic and social environment, where teachers and staff are committed to each student’s intellectual, physical and emotional needs. Our programming focuses on academic rigor, encourages exploration and experiential learning opportunities through arts and humanities, promotes technological expertise, and supports community building in a safe environment.

At Platt we welcome all students and we design our instruction to best meet the requirements for each student’s development. Teachers work in academic-interdisciplinary teams, share a common planning time to monitor student progress and provide twice-weekly advisory time with students.  Elective teachers are assigned to each team and are additional advocates for students.  Each grade level (sixth, seventh, eighth) is a team with the exception of one team called “CHOICE” which is multi-grade. “CHOICE” is an acronym that stands for "Cooperative Hands-On Integrated Community Education." Students on this team attend mixed-grade-level classes and stay with the same team of teachers for three years. For students who perform better in an experiential environment and enjoy projects as a means of demonstrating learning, this is a great option. Students may apply for this three-year program only through the open-enrollment process.

Platt is recognized as a John J. Irwin School of Excellence by the state of Colorado. We attribute this distinction to the highly-skilled, dedicated staff supported by a community that values education, and children who come ready to learn and are eager to excel. Because of our consistently close working relationships, Platt students leave Platt prepared and motivated to begin a successful high school journey!  We provide a comprehensive and innovative approach to education; in addition, we continuously evaluate our school operations and recommit each year to excellent instruction and to creating an environment that exemplifies safety and academic rigor. 

Points of Pride:

Mission statement:
Empower students to contribute positively to the world by providing diverse learning experiences, personal discovery and strong relationships.

Vision statement:
Students believe in themselves, think critically and problem solve. With a sense of social justice, inclusion and advocacy, students value hard work, kindness and finding balance and joy in their lives.

Academic Goals:

Student/Teacher Ratio: 19.9/1

Funded Headcount: 546

Equity Goal:  

Enrollment FTE: 545.5

Climate Goals:  

Student Fees:  

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School Code: NPM