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Summit Charter Middle School

​​​Boulder Valley's First Charter School

​​​​​A three-time Blue Ribbon award winner, Summit values scholarship by providing a rigorous curriculum and academic challenge in a caring community which supports student development and instills a lifelo​ng l​ove of learning.

Adam Galvin, Principal

Laura Glaab, Assistant Principal


Address: 4655 Hanover Avenue

City: Boulder

State: CO

Zip: 80305

Office Phone: 720-561-3900

Fax: 720-561-3901

Attendance Phone: 720-561-3902

Counseling Phone:  

Counseling Fax:  


Daily Schedule:
8:00 am - 3:05 pm most days.
​Late starts are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month and then the school day is from 9:00 am - 3:05 pm.​​

About Our School:

​Summit Middle School, founded in 1996 as the first charter school in BVSD, provides a rigorous, academic curriculum that promotes high levels of student effort and academic achievement. As a multi-dimensional, public, school of choice, Summit is chosen by many families because they seek a hard-working, rigorous academic environment; they value a keen focus on learning skills, study habits and personal accountability at the middle-school level; they value a well-rounded education that facilitates personal discovery in academics, the arts, community involvement, and personal engagement in resolving local and global issues; and they believe in fostering personal integrity, leadership, teamwork and critical thinking. Summit is also the only middle school in BVSD to have been named a U.S. Department of Education’s Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, the highest national award given in education. Summit offers core subjects of English, science, math, social studies and world language, along with a variety of elective classes. At Summit there is no ceiling on learning, and creativity and scholarship are central to our school culture. Summit is a unique, vibrant, safe learning community where students are nurtured and challenged.

Program Characteristics:

Principals Message:

Dear Summit Families,

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and Board of Directors, it is my honor to welcome you to Summit for the 2018-19 school year. As another school year commences, there are many wonderful things to celebrate about our school community: a school culture where students report feeling safe and cared for, a community of scholars where talented teachers nurture a love of learning and a parent community which supports the well-being of each child.

One aspect of our community that makes us so strong is our diversity. Did you know that this year at Summit 37% of our students are non-white? We have long known and celebrated the rich ethnic diversity at our school through events like International Night, via the literature we teach, our world language program, and our social studies curriculum. We have worked diligently through our BEAST program to foster inclusion and teach equality.

However, looking at the socioeconomic diversity at Summit we see a different picture. We have low participation in the Free and Reduced Lunch program compared to other schools in our district. Our board is leading an effort to address this FRL disparity and make Summit more accessible to the traditionally underserved population. So, there is still work to be done and one of our new school goals highlights our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). We seek to welcome all students of diverse backgrounds, strengthen support for the learning needs of diverse students and enroll diverse applicants. I believe that an increase in socioeconomic diversity will be as valuable as our ethnic diversity in enriching our school's culture. As always, the mission of our school will be priority number one and we will continue to encourage all interested families to choose Summit for a challenging education in a caring community, and once they do, they will also find a community which thrives through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

This year we will continue to pursue the goals of Summit's 2017 strategic plan. Many new initiatives were launched last year and as expected there were some bumps in the road, but overall each new initiative is succeeding. The inaugural year of our 8th grade Pinnacle Experience was successful. Students greatly enjoyed their topic choices and our faculty has strongly endorsed the continuation of this program. The inaugural year of our 7th grade Taking A Stand In History project was successful in producing consistently strong student presentations and the social studies team is excited to continue this project. The inaugural year of our Schoology Learning Management System was a success as well. Faculty effectiveness with Schoology and support for continuing Schoology is strong. Students and parents reported success in locating daily assignments and checking grade progress. One goal area we need to improve annually is student stress, as many of our students report high overall academic stress levels. We understand our students experience the highest stress at times when the workload, particularly assessment deadlines, are not balanced and we will continue efforts to improve this.

This year like all others past, our inspiring faculty, wise administration and dedicated staff will bring our mission of academic rigor and our values of a caring community to life with our amazing students. I cannot wait to be there for many magical moments of learning and growth as I enter my eighth year as a school leader at this special school.

My top priorities for this school year include:

  • Implementing our school goals and strategic plan with a focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as well as efforts to balance workload and decrease student stress.
  • Supporting our talented new administration and faculty members.
  • Collaborating with the Summit Academy Project Director in a manner which supports the advent of the new school but does not detract focus, resources or support from Summit Middle School.
  • Providing a safe and well managed learning environment.
  • Sustaining success through the execution of our school mission.

As always, my highest priority is to lead the school in a way that promotes trust, strengthens community and puts student learning and well-being ahead of all else.

Summit Middle School provides the resources for each child to succeed in all aspects of school life: social, emotional, and intellectual. Please join in our efforts to sustain a high quality school and academic program where children grow and achieve to the best of their ability and potential.



Adam Galvin, Principal

Points of Pride:

​Three Time Blue Ribbon Award Winning School

Mission statement:

​To provide a rigorous, academic curriculum that promotes high levels of student effort and academic achievement. To foster high self-esteem through stimulating intellectual challenge and meaningful academic accomplishment. To inspire in students a lifelong love of learning, a desire for self-development, and good citizenship. To create a caring community of peers who value scholarship, academic achievement, and creativity. To serve as an excellent preparation for students intending to study in rigorous college-preparatory high school programs, including International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement.

Vision statement:

Academic Goals:

Instructional Improvement Goals:

  • Effective integration of the Schoology learning management system

  • Successful implementation of the new 8th grade Pinnacle Experience

School Community Enhancement Goal:

  • Enhance homework management practices and stress management practices through use of Schoology and intentional focus on workload balance with each grade level team.

Professional & Institutional Growth Goal:

  • Explore scheduling options, as a less traditional schedule may allow for more student centered learning, more flexible unit design, and less stress for students

  • A scheduling task force is needed

Student/Teacher Ratio: 18/1

Funded Headcount: 359

Equity Goal:  

Enrollment FTE: 359

Climate Goals:  

Student Fees: School Store

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School Code: SUM