Need to add image sizes when blocks are finalized.

Announcements (Content Search)

The image, block title and description must be updated by IT.  Please submit an IT ticket if a change is needed. 

Announcements List:  A maximum of 4 announcements will display on the homepage.  Click MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS to see additional items.

Items on the Announcements List that are not expired will display.  Expiration date is required.  

Title and Overview display in the block. Overview section should be relatively short.  If you have a long announcement, enter the additional information in the Body field and it will be accessible by clicking More Info or the announcement Title. 

Extra Link Title and Extra Link URL:  Use this field to link to any document.

Show Icon Date:  Check if you want to display the expiration date and an icon.

Text before Date:  Choose the appropriate description for the date.

Importance:  Allows you to sort in a specified order A-D.

Logins, Payments, Absence (Content Search)

Queries the Home Block list.  Title = Logins     No Subtitle 

These blocks are displayed on the Homepage and Current Families pages.

Meadowlark School (Content Search)

Queries the Home Block list.  Title = Current Families   Subtitle = Meadowlark School

Calendar - Custom

Quick links (Content Search)  (Title is Script Editor)

This block queries the Quick Links list. 

Our Staff Content Search

Queries the Home Block list.  Title = Current Families   Subtitle = Our Staff

Latest News Blog  (Content Search)

Queries the School News Blog.  

Special instructions for images: