​Image sizes:

Staff photos should be at least 260w pixels x 344h pixels

HomeWelcome to Meadowlark1850px x 900px
Internal Banner(s)Jay, where should this be uploaded and how should it be named?1896px (w) x 305px (h)
Staff Photosn/a317px (w) x 420px (h)
Learn MorePersonalized Learning - Photo 1 (left)500px x 500px
Personalized Learning - Photo 2500px x 300px
Learning Communities (one photo per community)350px x 350px
How We Learn700px x 700px
How We are Unique
Innovative Learning
Latest News (Blog Post)
Current FamiliesWhat's Happening (Announcements)800px x 700px
School Hours & Transportation - photo 1 (left)500x500
School Hours & Transportation - photo 1 (left)500x300
Our Staff - Photo 1 (left)
Our Staff - Photo 2 (right)
Latest News (Blog Post)

Site Collections Images Library

Images that are displayed on the Homepage, Current Families and Learn More pages should be uploaded to this library.

Images in the Site Collections library must be Published after uploading.  To do so, select the lmage by clicking on the 3 dots at bottom right>click 3 dots in pop-up>Publish.  

You may also Publish/Check-in multiple photos/documents at one time in the Content and Structure view (Gear>Site Settings>Site Administration>Content and Structure)​ 

Tools for editing images

TIP:  If editing on an iPhone, changes to the orientaiton of a photo will not save.

Crop photos using Picmonkey

  1. Go to http://.picmonkey.com​
  2. Click Edit a Photo
  3. Upload your photo:  Open>My Computer>Navigate to your photo and select it
  4. Click CROP>Check Scale Photo
  5. Enter the exact dimensions you desire>This will create a frame that you can move around your photo to determine the area you want to include  (NOTE: If you are working with a large photo, you can make the frame larger by draggin the corner> Click APPLY
  6. Click SAVE>Save to my computer
  7. NOTE:  In some cases, you may want to resize the image first.  This weill depend on the area of the photo you want to capture.
​​Batch cropping staff photos
1. Go to http://birme.net/ 
2. On the bottom left click "Browse for Files" select the photos you want to crop (may have to do it in several batches) and click "Ok"
3. On the right, make sure the "Resize and crop to dimensions" option is selected, and change the width and height to the correct dimensions.
4. Make sure the "No auto-sizing" option is selected.
5. On the bottom left click "save as .ZIP" and save that file to your computer

Resize images using Pixlr

1. Go to https://pixlr.com and choose the editor option.

2. Create a new file and make it the same size as the instructions say.
Go to File > open image in the top left > navigate to the picture you want to resize > OK.

3. When the picture opens in a new window, choose the Marquee tool on the left (left column, 2nd button down), select the entire picture, and copy it (edit>copy).

4. Click the window with the new canvas, and paste (edit > paste).

5. This is the point where you need to resize the image, so go to edit > free transform.

5. Resize the image to fit on the canvas, and save it as a JPG with a high quality.

Additional tools to resize photos if needed:​

PicMonkey:  picmonkey.com

DrPic.  A free web-based tool to crop and resize images.  http://www.drpic.com/
Pixlr.  A free web-based tool to crop and resize images.  http://pixlr.com/

MS Office (Picture Manager).  This program is part of the MS Office suite and included on all BVSD laptop and desktop computers.
Microsoft Windows Paint

Embed a Video on a Page

  1. Upload your video to your You Tube or Vimeo account.  (Note:  All schools have Google accounts which are sometimes referred to as "webpub" accounts.  Contact the IT Service Desk to request credentials for this account.)
  2. Copy the "embed" code from You Tube/Vimeo.  Follow the instructions in these applications.
  3. Navigate to the web page where you want to embed the video.
  4. Edit the page (Gear>Edit Page)
  5. Click Add a web part
  6. Add a Script Editor web part.  Categories>Media and Content; Parts>Script Editor>Click ADD
  7. Go to the Script Editor web part that has been added to your page.
  8. Click Edit Snippet>Paste the Embed Code>INSERT
  9. PUBLISH the page.