A page for each staff member will be g​enerated when your site is initially created.  It will include first & last name,  position, phone, email.  You will need to add or update other information following the instructions below. (NOTE:  This does not apply to Meadowlark School.)

TIP:  To update multiple pages in a spreadsheet view: 
  • Check out all pages in the Content and Structure view;
  • Return to the Staff Pages library and change to Quick Edit
  • On the Ribbon>Library tab>Quick Edit.  Enter the information in the appropriate cell
  • Return to Content and Structure view, select All and Publish.

Staff Photos
  1. Before uploading to website, rename photos to firstname_lastname​.  NOTE: First and Last name should match email name but with the "_" (underscore) instead of "." (period)
  2. Staff photos should be 260w x 344h pixels (Contact web team if you would like a different size photo.)
  3. Upload/Drag photos into Staff Photos library​
  4. NOTE:  When replacing staff photos with new ones, be sure to use the identical name for the photo as was used previously.  This will ensure that photos on the Profile Pages are updated automatically.
See Images - General Information ​for suggested online photo tools to resize/crop images.
Create a new Profile Page:
  1. From the Webmaster Dashboard, click on ​Staff Profile Pages 
  2. Click     >Add a Page
  3. Name the page using only the last name - no spaces or hyphens.  If another staff member has the same last name, add a number (for example, Jones1).
  4. Click Create
  5. Complete the information in the designated fields.
    1. Full Name to Display: Enter the name as you would like it displayed on the website.
    2. Enter First Name (This should match BVSD email first name.)
    3. Enter Last Name (This should match BVSD email first name.)
    4. Rollup Image: Click to insert image from SharePoint > Browse to staffphotos library:  Open About Us>Staff Directory>Profile Pages>click on Staff Photos.  If you do not have a photo, add the "Generic" photo as a placeholder so the display is correct.
    5. Position:  For example, teacher, Para educator, principal, custodian, etc.
    6. Learning Community or Team: Click the icon at right>Highlight and Select Learning Community or Team>Click OK  NOTE:  Multiple entries may be selected.
    7. Learning Community or Team page URL: Copy/paste the URL for the appropriate page, for example, the 1st-2nd Grade Learning Community page.
    8. Grade(s): Click on the icon at right> Select the grade(s) and Click OK. This information is REQUIRED but not displayed.
    9. Position2: Primarily used to identify an athletics coach (optional)
    10. Middle school sport (select for coaches only):  Click on the icon at right>open Interscholastic or Intramural>Select the sport and Click Ok.
    11. Team:  Enter the sport team name, for example, Blue Team.  This may be left blank if not applicable.
    12. Office:  Enter the office or classroom number
    13. Primary Phone
    14. Contact E-Mail Address
    15. Learning Community or Personal Teaching Website:  Enter the URL (web address) and Description, for example, a link to a Google website.
    16. Activities or Quote:  Add a favorite quote or other brief description of activities.
    17. Bio:   Enter staff biography
  6. PUBLISH the page.
  1. Edit an existing Profile Page:
  1. Navigate to the staff member's individual Profile Page  
  2.  >Edit Page
  3. Modify information as needed
  4. Publish the page

Delete an existing Profile Page: 

NOTE:  Be sure you want to delete the staff member's page.  This would typically be done only when a staff member no longer works at the school.

  1. Navigate to the staff member's individual Profile Page  
  2.  >Edit Page
  3. On the Page Tab in the Ribbon, select Delete Page
  4. Click OK to confirm deletion.